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Pizza Night On the farm. 

Fresh is best, most would but surely should agree. Chef Jaclyn Trimble runs Wholesome Harvest, A small locally sourced Catering Company which has become increasingly popular in Burlington and its surrounding areas. More and more "Pop Up" events have been opening up alongside local business encouraging growth within our communities.


Nancys bakery

" It started as a teeny tiny project dedicated to baking artisan bread for people I love. So, you ask, "What is Artisan Bread"? An artisan is a craftsperson whose products are made by hand. The goal of large commercial bakeries is to produce as much bread as inexpensively as possible. The goal of small bakeries and micro bakers, like Nancy's Bakery, is to simply make the best bread. At least 2 flavors are baked most Wednesdays and Thursdays, at least one sourdough and one yeasted, flavors rotate and are announced by Monday of the current bake week. Find out more here. "

- Nancy Basset

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Farm Photo Session? lifestyle? Engagement?

Yes Please!

ESOfficial Studios was created in 2017 by Emily Sisson immediately after graduation high school. She has since worked with countless bands, brands, businesses, families, and friends throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. She loves learning about people as well as showing and shaping them in their best light. She hopes to travel more in the upcoming year to meet more new people and tell new life stories. See more work here >

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