Updated: Jan 18

Natures Niche soap is in stock and we still have Holliday spice !!

Updated: Jan 18


The once in A few year Candy Carrot season is on! It’s a short season every year, requiring nature to cooperate. Nature as you all know seldom cooperates!

This year we are in good shape with the weather and the growth of the carrot crop. These may be the best carrots for taste I have ever grown. Seriously “candy carrots”. Remember I said it was a short season? Well we have them now and they are perfect, but they will only be here for three more weeks. Assuming we dont get that wicked cold snap until they're harvested.

If you like them, if you’ve ever liked them, now is the time to come and get them! The Source, in farm store and the Milwaukee Winter Farmers Market!!

Updated: Jan 18

On March 11th Jaclyn and partner Anthony from the newly established Tomato Pie Co., Rochester, WI offered market goers fresh artisan pizza from their mobile stone fire oven. This market event is held at Larry Ville Gardens, Burlington, WI Monthly (weather permitting) and ofter features other special guests. Here, many neighborly vendors also offer their organic and homemade goods.

My favorite pie was the Margarita pizza topped with fresh Basil from the Larryville farm.

I encourage you and your friends to actively seek out local vendors, farmers and fresh meal providers. All of the vendors we met with were filled with such passion for what they do while helping others. Your support to them builds small businesses and the core of a strong community.